About me

To really hammer down hard on the fact that I am a nerd, I’ll describe myself in the context of science fiction shows I love.

The Belter – The Expanse

While the rest of academia and IT-industry is much like Earth and Mars, I’m fully and wholeheartedly a Beltalowda (belonging to the belt). 

I’m not comfortable in a suit or a “power dress” with my arms crossed and my make-up perfect, like Chrisjen Avasarala (President of UN Earth).

Chrisjen Avasarala (TV) | The Expanse Wiki | Fandom

I’m not good at political games. 

I’m the type of person that stands up in a crowded room and dares to ask the controversial questions about representation and diversity, I dare to challange the the status quo.

When a project or funding gets rejected and I can’t buy equipment I scavenge things people throw away and repurpose them.


A few years ago I went though 320 rejecton letters. Not a single application lead to an interview. My CVs were creative and I was more than qualified for the jobs I applied for.

I ended up doing some digging, and started A/B testing with my name and CV content. I discovered systematic discrimination. Instead of crying out, I put on my boxing gloved and turned my anger in to focus. I got better at calling it out, and knocking doors until they opened.

I’m slightly broken, I’m not perfect. But that’s the best thing about Belters. They don’t try to put up a front. They ARE up front. 

The Expanse Season 4: What's Next For Naomi & Amos? | Den of Geek

 The S.T.A.R officer – Resident Evil

Resident Evil has always been one of my favorite gaming franchises. In 1997, I sat in my then best friends room watching a movie and he asked me if I wanted to play Resident Evil. He said “You can play a girl in this one”. I was a PC gamer so this was my first proper console experience, and also the first time I played a girl in a digital game. It was a powerful experience. The girl was Jill Valentine, and she has been one of my heroines ever since.


Jill was an army vet with a degree in biochemistry, and while I am not, I love being physically active and I am a biologist.

For the longest time, I was a long distance runner. I did martial arts and boxing, all while combining it with being a lab coat.

S.T.A.R consists of a mixed group of people with wide variety of skills. Academics that got their hands dirty. And that was basically my life for a very long time. I don’t belong to any particular group. I know a bit of everything, and I like to get my hands dirty.


In terms of infectious disease, I wrote a children’s book about Lymphocytes. Jill would have been proud.

This is an old picture. I am not nearly as fit now.

Dale Cooper – Twin Peaks

Who do we most need in reactionary times? Twin Peaks' Dale Cooper ...

I did a personality test that shows you which character on TV you’re most like, I got 84% Dale Cooper.

That is the most accurate result I have ever had.

Just like Agent Cooper I have strange techniques when I do my analyses. Most of my analyses are way ahead of their time and I am very square but aloof. Just like Dale.

If you’d like to know my professional background I suggest going to my LinkedIn or if you’d like a more visual representation of what I do, go to the XRpsychiatry Blog.